Python Course for Geoscientists

Angelika Heil, Jannek Squar (Uni HH), Karin Meier-Fleischer (DKRZ), Marco Kulüke (DKRZ), Ralf Mueller (DKRZ)

Target group: beginner

In today's world, there is usually no way around the Python programming language in the geosciences. However, learning Python on your own is associated with many difficulties and leads only to unsatisfactory results, which is why this course was developed especially for beginners.

Python is an easy to learn but powerful programming language. The very extensive standard library offers almost everything you need. And if you need something more specific, you can usually download it for free from third-party distributions.

This workshop will take place via videoconference.

We only offer a limited number of course seats to ensure there is enough time to help with problems.

In advance, due to high demand, we will not be able to provide everyone registered to attend this course, but the next course will take place in spring next year ;).

This course is for beginners!


We are sorry, but the registration is now closed. 
The course is fully booked!

The next course will take place in spring 2024.