PalMod - ESM-Tools Workshop

Rooms Elbe and Alster (DKRZ Innovation Lab)

Rooms Elbe and Alster

DKRZ Innovation Lab

Fuhlentwiete 10 D-20355 Hamburg

==== CANCELLED ====

Funded by the PalMod project, DKRZ will host a workshop on software development and management to disseminate the ESM-tools. Special attention is paid to the integration of new models, coupling of existing models and the adaptation of the tools to the new HPC system 'Levante' at DKRZ.

The workshop is also aimed explicitly at users who do not yet know the ESM-tools ( and are interested in integrating their model into this framework.

Regarding the current pandemic situation (as of beginning of December 2021): although a meeting in person would still be allowed, we are struggling with high cases. Therefore, we think that a cancellation of the event is in order.

==== CANCELLED ====